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LOGISTICS - Platforms


Bertinoro platform, near Via Emilia, in the middle of of Forlì-Cesena Province, has been inaugurated in early 2009 and chosen as the Vignali Trasporti snc headquarters, becoming the tangible image of their corporate structure.

Built on a total area of about 13,000 square meters, the building was constructed using top-level technologies for the production of refrigerators, as well as advanced procedures in the management of the flow of goods.

The platform consists of:

- 5 refrigerators to normal atmosphere for a volume of approximately 2000 square meters, where they are guaranteed temperatures from - 20 ° C to + 20 ° C, in relation to the products stored.

- Picking an area of about 2200 square meters, where all activities are carried out of transit points, ventilation, preparation of orders and other ancillary services. Completely chilled is divided into two zones in which it maintains a constant temperature of + 4 ° C and + 12 ° C, so that the cold chain is not interrupted.
19 loading docks loading / unloading to ensure that these operations are carried out safely and quickly.

- Certified weighing systems for trucks both external and internal to individual pallets or bins
- Large area for the operation and parking of motor vehicles
- A photovoltaic system.

Its strategic location allows you to easily reach the main arteries of the Romagna, the junctions and the release of the E45


Located a few km from the new logistics platform, spread over an area of about 2000 square meters, that from 2006 to 2009, was the headquarters of our company.

However, the new position in Bertinoro that it is now used to provide ancillary services it is well managed:
- A refrigerator room of about 400 square meters intended for the storage of food at a controlled temperature;
- 500 sqm warehouse for the storage of empty packaging and pallets;
- 400 square meters intended for a workshop for the maintenance of our vehicles;
- A large yard for the rest of our coaches.


Vignali Trasporti snc moves across Europe and, given the constant demand from customers, he decided to settle as a platform within the largest hub of fruit and vegetables in Europe, the Perpignan Saint-Charles International.

Since 2010, in fact, it operates within a platform completely chilled about 500 square meters with 3 flaps, the platform for which it handles incoming goods from the various districts of southern Europe fruit and vegetables to be delivered in the various farmers markets and of retail distribution centers, located throughout the country.