Vignali Trasporti





COMPANY - Organic

VIGNALI TRASPORTI snc is more than a refrigerated transport instrument, it is a group of people and a team that, in carrying out its business, has the goal of customer satisfaction.

For this reason, customer satisfaction has taken the company to be structured and specialized in the provision of transport services, by a staff of 10 employees, and it has gone to one of over 40 people including drivers , warehouse staff and clerks.

Our Team spiritand professionalism into transport sector have directed the process of constant improvement of this company, a process that is combined with an enhancement of human resources and attention.

That's why VIGNALI TRASPORTI snc decided to invest part of its resources on training and, thanks to Fondo FOR.TE, as well as to the instructions of Iscom training body, it was possible to organize a series of intra-company courses with high level professionals.

The training was indicated both at travelling staff and warehouse staff, which are figures for both owners and mid-upper level within the company, according to this principle: it is not just a person that have to be formed but a whole group, because it is the group that makes the difference.
If the quality of service is one of the objectives of VIGNALI TRASPORTI SNC , It is also true that it has very clear how the team spirit, professionalism and expertise has enabled the achievement of important goals, such as being official partners of important customers and local businesses.