Vignali Trasporti





COMPANY - The history

Vignali Trasporti snc was founded in early 2006 by the union of five young entrepreneurs motivated and aimed at creating a company able to offer a safe and reliable service. Road transport has always been identified the "core business", providing also the starting point of the group thanks to the wealth of experience of each member, born in other situations, the company has done so in spite of all the country, becoming significant reference point in reality many food logistics, as well as choosing to broaden their horizons to other states of Central and Northern Europe.

Its business policy has been to thread the idea that only a satisfied customer is a loyal customer and the customer and their needs, the priority strategies and company policy. Therefore, the development of applications and the increasing development that logistics is getting in the distribution of food, combined with the desire to complete the range of services offered to its customers, push Vignali Trasporti snc to create a new platform in 2008 in Bertinoro (FC).

Transit points, storage, temperature-controlled storage, picking, and other services, combined with years of experience in the field of national and international, are now the Vignali Trasporti snc a full partner and even more reliable for the satisfaction of its customers.
Over time, the continued development of the logistics designed to ensure customer satisfaction has improved the competitiveness of the market and that of its customers.
In a constant search for innovation, the year 2010 marks the Vignali Trasporti snc an important goal worth noting, the same decides to settle with another platform within the fruit and vegetable market of Perpignan Saint Charles (F), the main hub of fruit and vegetables at European level, with the aim of representing a important logistics hub at the international level.

The attention and the enhancement of human resources, combined with a careful selection of our partners, and the use of advanced systems, have allowed us to offer a range of secure services, tailored to each client. Vignali Trasporti snc is today a company with a strong appeal and with a unique style.