Vignali Trasporti





TRANSPORT - Vehicles

One of the main features of this company is its fleet which has around 110 vehicles, either self-owned or by third parties, with the latest generation of various types:

- drive;
- trucks;
- trailer trucks;
- chariots.

Each of our vehicles, according to its characteristics, is guaranteed in its efficiency, thanks to a careful maintenance program which allows to obtain the highest level of reliability.

All vehicles are kept in accordance with relevant rules of the Highway Code and sanitary authorizations for the transport of foodstuffs, such as seafood, meats and frozen foods.
Safety of the goods is a key objective of this company and this has led to the same schedule a cleaning and sanitizing on a monthly basis as required by the hygiene package.
However, on this growth, Vignali Trasporti snc Investments it is also notable for having led around the mark of some of its customers / partners and that by affixing the official logo in their vehicles it owns.

Therefore, the centrality of the customer, its importance is gathered into this company mesure, as it is willing to advertise the brand of its customers, who will join the Vignali brand and style, still unmistakable. All vehicles are supplied with:

- Isometric vans

They are constructed with materials that may come into contact with foodstuffs, with smooth walls so as to allow easy cleaning and disinfection. Inside the load compartment are installed safe anchoring systems which guarantee to the goods to be transported without damage or rollovers.

- Chillers

These are groups of refrigerators last generation that allow both the driver of the cab, both to operators in the traffic, to keep under control the temperatures during transport, and in the case where there are abnormalities, to be informed immediately by a visual alarm.

- Thermorecorders and printers

Thanks to the probes arranged inside the box bodies and connected to a software, these systems can record and print temperature history during transport.

- Partitions

This system inside the refrigerator compartment, allows us to simultaneously carry frozen food fresh and dry and secure two transport temperatures.

- Hydraulic tails

They are equipped with systems stops roll / box allowing the loading / unloading of the goods.

- Anti-theft satellite

Are connected continuously 24 hours on 24, 365 days a year with the operations center that, in case of alarm, guarantees a few minutes a police intervention on the whole national territory.

- GPS Tracking

It allows operators to constantly monitor traffic office the entire fleet.